You will be surprised at some of the ways you can add value to your home and sell it quickly, making it stand out from the crowd.

You can of course look at conversions such as a loft conversion which can add anywhere up to 15% to the selling price of your home – but if you’re not ready for such a big commitment, try these tips instead!


Fresh paint

For a small price you can make the property feel fresh and renewed – choose neutral colours throughout the house so your potential buyer can imagine themselves living in the house and not having the fuss of painting as soon as they move in. You can also paint the fence for extra points!


Replace the front door

First impressions count and if your front door is tired and uninviting, this will make a lasting impression on your buyers. It could even put them off! You don’t have to get a fancy new door – simply ensure the door your get is fresh, neutral, and clean. It may be that a good scrub can get your front door looking brand new!


Get planning permission

A property with planning permission is tempting to buyers who wish to stay in the property for a long time! Hire an architect to draw up plans for an extension, and get permission from the council – then ensure this information is all over your listing.


Add parking to your property

If you don’t have a designated parking area outside your home like a garage and driver, it’s a good idea to make one. If you live on a road with limited parking and you have a front garden, convert this into a parking space. This will make a difference to your property and will stand out as a convenient home to you buyers.


Convert your garage

If you have a garage you could look into converting this into an office – especially as most garages have been designed for smaller cars and are typically now used as storage space. Post COVID, more and more people are permanently working from home, so offering this designed work space will help your home stand out from the rest.


With these few simple steps, your property will not only look great, but also offer potential buyers convenience and space – good luck selling your home!