Houso Sell

We all know the moving home crossroads. Your current home isn’t ticking all the boxes it once did, but you’re not sure what interest your current home will gain and therefore what options are open to you. Do you list your house for sale and then hope your dream home is available at the same time?

At Houso we want to eliminate this often complex process which leads to rushed sales, bad purchase choices and disappointment. Houso is designed to make moving home more honest and transparent, but most importantly provides you with more time and more choice.

Houso DIY– Three easy steps …

  1. Download the App
  2. Create a profile, takes less than 3 minutes to list your home. Our handy blog provides tips and tricks from experts on how to best present your home
  3. Decide whether you want to list as on or off market. Don’t worry both are free! If you’re unsure of what the ‘off-market’ route is and if it’s right for you our experts explain here


Watch our video here to see just how quick and easy it is to sell your home online for free!

And that’s it. You’re ahead of the game and ready for your next move.

By creating a Houso profile you can have buyers in the sidelines ready for when you find your perfect home.

And that’s not all, with our unique features you are in the driver’s seat. Upload your own photos, save key documents, use in-app messaging to contact buyers directly and benefit from the flexible viewings booking system.

Viewers can also provide feedback that only you can see so you know where your house stands in the rankings. And the final step, accept, counter or reject offers all within the app – everything you need to sell your home is in your hands!

Sell with an agent – We know the value Estate Agents can bring. They support, they advise and they handle some of the more challenging conversations between buyers and sellers. We are extremely proud to have some of the best agents backing Houso app.

If you like the benefits that Houso can offer but you would like professional representation you can combine the two and have a traditional agent represent you on our platform.

Your chosen Estate Agent will list your home as ON or OFF market on Houso and manage all correspondence. All you need to do is sit back and relax, safe in the knowledge that your home is being represented by one of the best agents on the best platform, subject to their T&C’s.