The current housing market is busier than ever – with demand for property rising daily and new homes added to Houso weekly, we’re confident in saying it is only going to get busier over the year! It’s a great time to sell, and a great time to buy with new benefits and bonuses – however in such an active market you’ll need to be quick in snapping up the property you want, and be ready to move quicker than you imagined. So how do you ensure you’re on it when it comes to property?


1. Make a profile on Houso


First of all, get yourself signed up to Houso – shameless plug, but we have some cracking homes on (and off!) the market. The bonus of having an upgraded Houso profile as a buyer is that you have access to thousands of homes which are not currently available anywhere else online – sellers upload their homes and make them ‘secret’ to see the demand for their home even before they’re ready to move. This way if you see your perfect home, you’ll miss the rush and stress of having to move extra quick with hundreds of other buyers – you can communicate directly with the seller or their agent, and secure a deal.


2. Get a mortgage in principle


Even if you haven’t found the perfect property, it’s a good idea to get a mortgage in principle ready to you become an attractive buyer who can move quickly. When you finally do find ‘the one’ and you make an offer, you have your mortgage in principle which means you’re less likely to have any troubles with applying for one – unlike other potential buyers.


3. Know who will represent you


Finding a solicitor ahead of finding the home will help save time – you’ll be ready with contact details to move the process along without delay. It’s also attractive to the sellers, as it means you’re serious about making a purchase!


4. Sign up to alerts


Whatever platform you’re using to find your dream home, make sure you enable notifications from the app and sign up to their newsletter – at Houso, we send out weekly newsletters with our favourite property picks as well as property guides; and we remind our buyers to check in on their local area when new homes have been added! By allowing us to contact you, you’re jumping the queue at securing viewings.


5. If you have to sell, upload your home to Houso


As we mentioned our off-market feature allows sellers and buyers to avoid an unstable chain – you can upload your home off-market and get a waitlist of buyers which means you can sell a lot quicker when you do find your perfect home.


You can find your perfect home on Houso – download our FREE Houso App today to sell your home: for Android or Apple devices.