Many sellers have listed their homes before Christmas, meaning the property market is booming only weeks into January. Buyers have been busy saving their favourite properties whilst browsing during their time off, and are now viewing and making offers on their chosen homes. So as a seller, the time to list is now!


Buyers are moving fast – booking viewings and putting in offers as soon as they like a property because they know competition is high. Some homes are even being viewed before they are listed on the market – working with an estate agent means they can find you something that is lined up in the wings before anyone else views it. At Houso, we do the same but online – our off-market listings show homes before they hit public websites, meaning users can bypass the majority of competition and have a home lined up with less stress. It also helps reduce the pressure of a chain – if both the seller and the buyer list their home off market and line up buyers, they can negotiate and move at a pace which works for both parties.


Many buyers are yet to sell their home (or even list them) which can put them in a vulnerable position against someone who is a first time buyer or is ready to move quickly. As a buyer, ensure you have your home listed with offers, have your documents in order, and can move soon. At Houso, we developed HomeVault which allows you to upload documents as your go along to ensure you have everything ready in one place, and no paperwork gets misplaced or lost.


In the coming months, more properties are expected to be listed online – which means as a seller, now is your time to secure those viewing and offers as there are less homes available for buyers. Whilst it will take a while to get homes ready for the market, we are predicting more off-market listings.