Houso is the most functional user-friendly tech, and when adopted by buyers and sellers Houso will have the most diverse range of properties available anywhere, all in the palm of your hand.

Who’s going to love Houso?

First Time Buyers – the tech behind Houso is epic, and they will adopt it!
Those going up the ladder – get interest in your current home, for free with no contract or financial commitment.
Those coming down the ladder – just because your downsizing doesn’t mean you want to live in a rabbit hutch!

We are big supporters of traditional estate agents, and our platform is available to them too, so if you like the concept but need some help, mention Houso to your chosen estate agent and get your home listed on Houso – you would pay their fee but the app is still free to use!

Houso is an online marketplace for home buyers and sellers. We are offering freedom of choice, so whether you want to save money and sell yourself or use an estate agent Houso gives you the right opportunity for YOU.

What makes Houso different?

The way we buy and sell homes has broadly remained unchanged. Previously there have been some introductions to the system that have helped the consumer such as Rightmove and Zoopla. These online home selling platforms were early tech adopters that were initially greeted with scorn by agents: they replaced the printed adverts in a local paper and centralised everything to enable home searches in any geographic area to a mass market. Fast forward to now and they are currently the agents largest lead generators, although there is some discourse between estate agents and portals over the increasing fees.

Purplebricks and other online providers have proved to be hugely contentions introductions to the housing market. Traditional agents aren’t the biggest fans of these platforms because they are a far cheaper option to the consumer, that on the face of it appeared to solve some of the pain points of the seller, price being the lead factor. However the issue is that the journey of selling a home can be very labour intensive, the service online home selling providers are attempting to give often falls far short of the mark, and people are left carrying the financial cost of the pay upfront model with no sold house, and then having to revert to the traditional agent that they tried to avoid in the first place.

Due to the discourse between agents and Rightmove there is a huge movement to try to move away from it, as such there are numerous new portals being launched, this may in our opinion just cause more pain for the consumer – you will all have to start searching multiple websites (most of them don’t even have an app!) to actually find a home.

None of this solves the actual problem with the housing market – simply the journey of finding the right home at the right time to suit your circumstances.

Why use an Online Agent?

Simple answer – don’t. Why would you want to pay upfront for something?

The incentive for any salesman is commission and success, and if the money is already sat in their bank account then where is the drive and commitment to sell?

Quite clearly the largest online provider has struck a chord with consumers (online estate agents accounted for circa 8% of the listings last year), there are obviously people who wish to save money on their home sale and or simply try something new. However, the services and success that they are trying to deliver for the fee they are charging are dis-proportionate to the effort and time that is necessary to sell someone’s home, which ends up resulting in not actually selling the home at all.

Why use a Traditional Independent agent?

Because they are genuinely invested in the sale of your property, the success of selling your home quite literally keeps their lights on. They often have intimate knowledge of your local area, they are there to help the sales progression, but for this they rightly charge a fee. A traditional agent can add value to your sale, and it is a model that works.

Houso combines the benefits of selling your home online whether this be for free on your own, or with a traditional estate agent paying their fee but gaining an even higher exposure for your home on Houso app. We welcome you to download our app today (available on App Store & Play Store) and test it out for yourself – list your home online for free in less than 3 minutes!