The demand for chain free homes has increased as buyers need to move quickly meaning they are willing to pay for a fast and efficient purchase. Chain free properties take on average 60% less time to complete than those linked to a chain.


Chain free homes provide an opportunity for buyers to avoid the lengthy transaction time which can be both frustrating and unnerving as the chain can break from either end. Buyers are aware of the high competition on the property market, and want to make their transactions as smooth and safe as possible – as well as quick, of course. Having a sale fall through is not only upsetting, but can be costly and hurt both the buyer and the seller as multiple homes are involved in the process.


Being a chain free buyer is a bonus to anyone looking to sell – you can move quickly and the sale is unlikely to fall through. Being a chain free seller means you will attract more offers as you too can move quickly without anything stopping you.


At Houso we know how frustrating the property chain can be, and how devastating it is when it breaks – this is why we created Houso with a big focus on off market homes meaning you can get viewers lined up before your house hits the market; and buyers with access to these wonderful secret homes can start the process of lining up their next home without competition.


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