Aww home. You’ve built some fantastic memories together, but the time has come for a fresh start and you need to get it looking fan-dabby-dozy for its next owner. 

You’ve got used to your home’s quirks, even loved it for them, but how will you show others its full potential? Now’s the time to take a step back and look at your house with fresh eyes. Imagine stepping into your home for the first time, how would you view it? It may sound bizarre but think of this as an opportunity to dress it up ready for its first date with its next owner. Not sure how to make it so? Never fear our tips, we’ll tell you Houso…

Behind the photos

You’ve got viewings – great, those profile photos worked 😉! Now’s the time to show the photos weren’t just clever angles and good lighting. 

Viewers come to feel the space and envisage THEIR lives in this house. You may love ornaments displayed on every available surface, but your viewer is looking to see where they can fit their belongings to make it home. So grab those boxes, open up the windows, put on your favourite playlist and start the de-clutter! 

Added feel-good factor – you can donate the things you no longer need to charity, friends and family or even make a few bob on Ebay. Plus less things means lower removal fees, win win!!

Scrub up 

Now you’ve cleared some space, those corners you could never quite reach are showing the years of dust build up, and that patch of carpet under the cabinet you donated now looks dull. That’s right, pop on those Marigolds, get the hoover out, it’s time to scrub up and get your home sparkling in all its glory for its potential new owners. Don’t forget the grout in the tilled areas – these little details make the difference!

Psst … animals we love you, but not all viewers will. Keep the fur baby areas in the house tidy, clean and where possible take them on an adventure whilst viewers come to the house – assuming it’s not a 10ft snake. 


Put the glad rags on 

Decluttered, tick. Cleaned up, tick. Now it’s time for the finishing touches. 

We all know how it goes, little DIY jobs and tweaks that get forgotten about in the hubbub of day to day life. But now is the time, make those quick wins to pull your house together, and save your viewer the task. Change that leaky old tap, fill in those drill holes, oil that hinge on the squeaky door. Don’t forget outdoor areas too, dig out those weeds, mow the lawn and consider potting some nice plants at the front door – curb appeal and first impressions count. Inexpensive and easy tasks that result in a more attractive and put together home.

If you’re willing and have the budget to do so, a fresh lick of paint works wonders, keep the pallet clean and fresh but not just magnolia, magnolia, magnolia. Remain flexy too, perhaps leave a little wriggle room when it comes to accepting an offer, suggesting to knock some money off to repaint ready for when your new home owners move in. A kind gesture goes a long way.  

Some adventurous buyers may be looking to buy a home in need of some TLC to truly put their stamp on it. If you find yourself in this situation remember the house needs to be priced to allow for the buyer to make changes within their budget and tastes rather than yours.  

Above all else enjoy this time. It’s your chance to show the elements of your home you fell in love with to begin with and the start of your next step. Download Houso today to get the ball rolling!