Our furry, feathered and scaled friends needn’t worry about solicitor fees and removals as we do when moving home! However, it is important to remember that moving home can be just as stressful for our animals as it is for us. Loud noises, new routines, new layouts, new smells and so forth are a lot to take on board for pets. So, our team at Houso would like to offer you a few simple tips that may make the move a little easier for both you and your beloved animals. 

Firstly, we suggest that you stick to your pet’s normal routine as much as possible. Routine is so, so important for animals – especially dogs. Keep feeding, walks etc. to the established times – perhaps even increase the number of walks and fuss time if you can. Walks and fuss time will help to reassure your pets and keep them calm, furthermore, it will tire them out so they may sleep rather than be stressed. When you arrive at your new home, immediately set up your pet’s bed/cage and food, so that they know they’re staying put and feel loved and comfortable.

If you hire a professional removal company, your move will be much quicker and smoother. Not only will the removal company insure your goods for breakages or loss, transport your items quickly and efficiently and save you from carrying heavy furniture, they will also free you up to focus on your pet while your move is happening. Nevertheless, whichever way you opt to move, whether via a removal company or with your vehicle, there will be a lot of to-ing and fro-ing from your old home to your new home. So, to minimise stress, keep your animal/animals in one room and leave that room undisturbed during the hectic/loudest part of your move. You can also place your worn t-shirt in their bed/crate as this will calm them down and reassure them.

If you are very concerned about your pets, or if you have a very nervous or timid pet, remember that there are many places that they can go to such as catteries and kennels. By sending your pet on holiday before packing and returning them home after moving, both they and you will have a lot less to worry about during your move. You can also look into calming plug ins to use to relive their anxiety.

We hope that these tips helped you and that both you and your pets have a smooth move and enjoy your new home!