In case we haven’t shouted enough about this – we are BIG fans of property apps and believe selling, buying, and moving homes is a lot easier when you have a companion installed on your phone who can alert you of all the exciting notifications, give you hints and tips, and make the process smooth. We are very excited to join forces with Moveable – a FREE app which minimises the stress and delayed of moving home.


The app offers checklist reminders, helps you compare prices for all your new home needs, and even helps guide you to get your broadband up and running. Moveable is like your own moving home assistant providing expert guidance every step of the way.


This app is perfect for all buyers – whether you are a first time buyer or someone who has moved homes several times, it’s never an easy process. Moveable helps you decipher the jargon, speed up the process, and untangle the general mess which comes with buying a property and moving itself.


If you’re planning a move soon, we suggest you sign up to Moveable to help release the stresses of moving!