Why have I built Houso

The property market is broken, the voyeristic nature of home searching means that a passive listing on Rightmove or Zoopla is all that is required to get interest in a home, but the  moment you get too that stage you are fully involved in the process.

There are millions of us interested in or considering moving, but we do not want to commit our home to the market, I have broken it down to three of our most common scenarios:

We haven’t found the next home to move too.

Despite hours of searching nothing is quite perfect, until …  the ONE pops up on RM or Zoopla – so you book a viewing, book a second viewing, fall in love – try to offer but you haven’t listed or sold yours, so you rush around to list and sell and tie the chain up, but now someone in a better position comes along and buys the very home you listed your home to secure! So now you are stuck on the market, your committed but still no where to move to!- Solution – Houso OFF Market – you would already have created your free profile and had buyers lined up on Houso months ago, so you would have had that dream home secured as you would have been the one in the better position.


We have listed and received offers but can’t find anywhere to move too. 

You were pragmatic, you wanted to move so you listed with an agent of some description or another, and you secured viewings and offers on your home, but now you can’f find anywhere to move too.  So you withdraw from the market, until something comes along that you might want to buy, you re launch but your buyer is committed elsewhere so you are starting from ground zero again as you turned the switch off.  Or you sell and rent which is dead money and double moving costs, and how long for? It’s all very uncertain.  Solution – Houso Off Market – You would be able to secure the interest and gather feedback from buyers, months or years in advance of when you wanted to sell, so you always have those buyers lined up, you only need one!

The costs of  either an online or traditional agent are too prohibitive so you wait

You haven’t bought your home to market as the costs and fees are just too high without having the end in sight, or even the house you want.  Solution – Houso OFF Market – It’s zero contract, zero fees, zero commission – It’s FREE to sell your home on Houso.


Houso is here to change this process whether you are a buyer, seller or often both.

Imagine if you could achieve these things.

Sellers OFF and ON Market

  1. Create a free OFF MARKET  listing for your property months or years in advance of when you need to sell. Your property is exposed to only paid subscribed users (£2.79 pcm), leaving no digital footprint of listing history or price and enables you to gather a waiting list of buyers, who have expressed interest, asked questions, viewed, left feedback and ultimately made an offer on your property, putting you in a much stronger position to move forward with your home search and ultimately your purchase. You will never need to formally market your property again.
  2. Ready to move now – Create an ON Market listing – it’s totally free to sell on Houso – No commission, no upfront fees, no contracts – just crack on and have a go.


  • Gain access to off market properties before they are listed anywhere else, enabling you to have a conversation with the seller, to sort out the time scales of a likely move. To give them some feedback on their listing and help them be in a more informed position moving forward.
  • Knowing that a property in your dream location is available and you are ahead of the competition sooner, gives you time to sort your finances putting the seller in a much stronger position to move forward with their next move, and secures you what you want.


Houso is the new market place for property, when we reach critical mass it will mean there is far more stock on the market, with no barriers to entry and if you own a home and you want to move in the future why not give it a go?- never market your property again, sounds pretty good right?  Our most successful trades in selling our homes is when the buyer was involved during the construction process, finish the house, sign it off, they move in and we get paid – no marketing latency.


Think of it as a Beta test, a dating app with a sprinkling of AirBnb and a dash of eBay at the end, a way for you to deal with your sale, your way for free.  Please spread the word as we need to get this as wide and far as possible.