Since the pandemic hit and lockdowns forced many of us to stay inside, a large amount of people have invesed their time and money into fitness:

  • 52.2% of UK consumers have done home workouts since March 2020
  • 53.3% of UK consumers have bought workout products since March 2020
  • Of the UK consumers that have done home workouts since March 2020:
    – 31.7% say they did not exercise regularly before
    – 76.0% say they will continue to do them post pandemic

*Information from GlobalData


With fitness here to stay and money invested into home equipment, areas and rooms of homes have been dedicated to carry on with workouts for those days when you cannot hit the gym.


First of all, let’s look at why home gyms are an effective solution and are they worth it? Building a home gym can be a cost effective solution and cost under £1,000 – you can use sites like Facebook Marketplace, eBay, Gumtree to source your equipment and materials. If you have a garage, this is an excellent place to start – ensure the flooring is durable, insulate the garage, organise your equipment and double check everything to ensure the garage is safe to use and nothing is going to fall off the walls (with you hanging on to it!). You can also look at spare rooms in your house (preferably on the ground floor), or if you have enough space then you can even look at having a professional build gym to use, and then use as a selling point.


When it comes to equipment, you can start with weights, dumbbells, pull-up bars, skipping ropes, sandbags, a yoga mat are all excellent things to fill your home with – all can be found online, or for free from friends and family who might have overcommitted on their home fitness goals.


Most important tip of all is: make sure you love your gym and feel inspired to go there to workout!


When it comes to wether on not a home gym will increase your property value, this really depends on your neighbourhood and how the gym was set up – whilst a completely DIY spare room space made with secondhand materials might not add value to your home, a clever set up space can be a desirable addition to your property bringing the value higher.