If you are getting a little overwhelmed by all the choice available on Houso, we would like to help!  There are so many homes for sale, where do you even start?!

Narrow the location

You may not mind where you move to, however, if you search ‘all locations’, you’ll be bombarded with too many homes. Perhaps muster up a list of 5 to 10 preferred towns or cities; then search through them individually. Alternatively, if you do have a preferred location in your head, then set your boundaries. If you do not find any suitable homes within your preferred location, then slightly expand your boundaries.

Narrow the location even more

You’ve found a beautiful home in a preferred area. Now, work out how far it is from your office, your children’s school, your doctor’s and so forth. Find out the home’s postcode by private messaging the sellers directly, and pop on Google Maps. Check out walking distances, bus/trains routes and driving distances to see if the home’s location is practical.


What is it that you want from a home? What are your requirements?  Choose the type of property you are looking for, the options on our app include detached, semi, terrace, flat, bungalow, farm, building plot and park home. Also, select the number of bedrooms you require.

Do not overspend on a purchase

By including sold properties in your search. You can look at the prices of similar homes. Draw comparisons from similar homes for sale.  If two homes have very different costs, consider why.  If you cannot make your mind up as to why a home is so expensive, you can message the sellers or the agents directly and ask what golden nugget may be hiding in the home to value it at a higher price. Don’t forget to factor in the costs of removals.  Removal companies will be happy to give you quotes.

Do not overspend after a purchase

You might’ve just bagged yourself a splendid bargain. If so, then amazing! However, lots of people who move into homes like to spend more money customising and decorating it. Perhaps there are minor tweaks, fixes or upgrades to be made. If you like a home, but think that certain aspects need altering, get quotes from several local tradespeople. This will give you a truer cost of the overall spend.

We hope you enjoy our App and that you find the home of your dreams. Download our FREE Houso App today to find your perfect home: for Android or Apple devices.