As we’re in full spring bloom, we’re getting excited to spend more and more time in our garden. Did you know that properties with a garden, especially a nice garden, have been in huge demand since the pandemic hit? More buyers have realised the importance of having a secure outdoor space where you can relax, host friends and family, and enjoy fresh air and sunshine.


If you are getting your property ready to go on the market, or maybe if you’ve just made the right move into your new home, now is the perfect time to get your garden summer ready. We share our top tips on how to easily and quickly spruce up your outdoor space!


Get rid of weeds and old leaves

One very quick and easy way to get your garden looking summer ready is to remove weeds and old leaves. Weeds grow around borders and in cracks of paving, and make your garden look unkempt and messy. So do old fallen leaves – and they’re a slip hazard on decking! You can easily tackle this within an hour – simply de-weed and spray with weed killer (make sure to follow instructions, especially if you have pets) and sweep up the leaves.


This immediately gives your garden a neat and tidy look!


Clean your decking, furniture and get the BBQ ready!

Just as with leaves, a decking with moss and mold makes your garden look unattractive and unkempt. It can also damage your decking and be a slip hazard! You can use a pressure washer to clean your wooden decking, and also use this on any slabs and concrete paving you might have in the garden, or out the front.


If you have furniture outside, wash this with warm snappy water to clear off any grime and dirt – you’ll be surprised just how good it looks after a clean. Having a nice area to sit and relax in is an attractive property asset – your buyers will be able to visualise just what a wonderful setting your garden is. Get the BBQ ready – scrub the grill with warm soapy water, keep the cover nice and neat if you have one.


Beautify your luscious green lawn

Everyone loves a neat, green lawn – it gives the garden a fresh and attractive look. After winter the lawn can look a little patchy – mow the lawn, and sprinkle fresh seeds to cover ‘bald’ patches of grass. You can also use a little soil to fill in any holes, then sprinkle with grass seeds.

Having a nice green lawn is very attractive to buyers as they can picture their kids playing football and chase, dogs running around or lounging in the sun, or even their own cheeky sunbathe session in the height of summer!


Getting your garden summer ready doesn’t have to take long, be expensive, or strenuous. Follow the 3 above tips to get your garden summer ready and we can guarantee you will immediately notice how fresh and attractive your garden looks!