Buying a house is typically a long process which has many twists and turns, even the more straightforward sales can bring unexpected news. If you are thinking about buying your first home, we wanted to share with you our top tips on how to make the process of buying a home easier – there are elements which you can control, so focus on these! As well as all the fun you will have when viewing properties, moving in to your new home, and making it your sanctuary for years to come.


Resolve Your Finances

Getting your money in order is the first thing to do when looking at buying a house – before even going to your first viewing! Look at working with a mortgage advisor who can check your credit history and give you tips on how to make it better, advise you on what paperwork you will need (for example if you are self employed you might need a couple of years of your tax return documentation), and will help you get a mortgage in principle. They will also advise on schemes such as Help To Buy, and help you work out how much you will need for your deposit.


Get An Idea Of The Area

Have in mind the area where you would like to buy your home – think about how far you are willing to travel to work, whether you can afford homes in that area, what the amenities are like, what the neighbourhood is like, etc. You could also have a look at up and coming areas which could be cheaper to buy in now, but will grow in price in the coming years.


Decide On Which Kind Of Property You Would Like

Are you looking for a fixer upper, or do you want to move in without much fuss? This can depend on your preference or finances – a fixer upper may be cheaper to buy, however you need to research how much the property will cost you to fix and update. Then decide whether you want to put in the labour into your home, or whether you want move in and decorate. This will eliminate many properties which won’t fit your bill and make it easier to browse!


Work With A Local Agent & Do Your Own Search

Local estate agents will know the area well and can help you find the right properties to view, however remember to do your own research and browse homes online. Using an app like Houso can help you find properties as soon as they hit the market, and arrange viewings directly with the owners or agents responsible for the property so you don’t miss out. What’s even better is that you can sign up to view the off-market homes – this means you have exclusive access to home which aren’t yet available to the wider public – which can help you escape the stress of the race that happens when a house does go on the market.


Visit The House & The Local Area

If you’re unfamiliar with the local area, it’s a good idea to walk around and see what is available in your immediate location. Depending on your lifestyle you might want to look at schools, restaurants, walks in nature, gyms, etc – you want your home to be situated in an area where you can access things you need. Also, remember to view the property multiple times to ensure you really do love it.


Simple yet effective – the above tips are not difficult to do but will help make your journey of buying a house much easier, trust us! To help you find your perfect home, download Houso today: for Android or Apple devices.