Virtual viewings are virtually everywhere!

From the warmth of your living room, you can now view many homes online. Virtual viewings have been creeping up in popularity for 3-4 years, but it was the first lockdown that made them commonplace within the property market. In lockdown 2.0, we are allowed to go to viewings in-person, however, many are still opting for virtual viewings. Lots of UK homebuyers are initially watching virtual viewings, then, if they like what they see they can go to the home for a proper look.  If a homeowner doesn’t like what they see on a virtual viewing, they needn’t waste their time on the journey.

Virtual viewings range from interactive 3D tours, pre-recorded videos or a live walk-through filmed by a seller or agent. The team at Houso would like to help you get the most of virtual viewings for those of you who are trying to sell your home.

Pre-recorded and live walk-through virtual viewings

Don’t think that during virtual viewings, you can hide bad aspects of your home. Although a viewer is not in a room, there are many ways that they can gauge a home’s condition just from a video. You must be honest because if a viewer then comes to your home in-person and sees that you have been covering things up, they will lose trust in you and probably back out of the purchase. You do not need to hire professionals to create a good video. Neither do you need to buy equipment; a high-quality smart camera will suffice!

When creating a pre-recorded virtual tour make sure to:

Remove all clutter from floors and surfaces. Also, tidy up the insides of things, such as cupboards, which you can open and show off in your recording. Storage spaces are a big selling point!

Open your curtains, open your blinds, AND turn on your lights.  Make your house as bright as possible.

Keep all doors open
This also will allow in more light, especially in areas like corridors. But it also allows you to walk through your home without having to interrupt your recording flow. Remember to record at head height, to make it feel as if the person is walking through your home.

Comfy-looking bedroom
People love to sleep, and bedrooms are a very important part of our home – somewhere to wind down and relax at the end of a long day. Give your bedroom a cosy feel with textured rugs, a done up bed, and remove any untidy clothing from view.

Show off your garden
Start your recording from your street (on the path).  Show off your outdoor areas. Outdoor spaces are high on the priority list for many buyers.

Be Michael Scorsese
Plan your recording so that your video runs smoothly. Plan your routes, walking slowly and show everything clearly, and tell everyone in your home to get out of your way! Shoot the video with sound OFF.  If you have any unusually big areas or bespoke structures in your home, then remember to show them off!

3D Virtual tours
A 3D Virtual tour is something that you’ll probably have to get a professional to do for you. Ask your agent for help or recommendations, or jump on Google. A 3D Virtual tour is a simulation of your home, which is composed of lots of small videos or still images. It allows viewers to walk around your property and see EVERYTHING, just as if they were there for real.  A bit like virtual reality. When creating a 3D Virtual tour, also follow the necessary tips written above for Pre-recorded virtual viewings.

Remember to offer your potential buyers a virtual viewing upon request when they first get in touch – you can host video tours on Houso!