Do you want to make sure that your listing on the Houso App attracts as many buyers as possible? Your home may be amazing, however, if your listing isn’t visually appealing, then potential buyers may pass you by.  The team at Houso cannot stress enough about how important good-quality photography is when selling your home. So, today, we want to offer you some tips regarding your listing’s photography!


Exterior photos 

Make sure that your photos give the impression that your home looks like somebody lives in it, but at the same time, remove anything unappealing to viewers. We understand that driveways are for cars, however, take your car off the driveway for the photos (no matter how nice it is!) and remove objects from outside such as bin bags, wheelie bins and parcels. Mow your lawn, de-weed the path and driveway, and plant a few fresh bedding flowers and/or hanging baskets. Remember to clean your windows, neaten your curtains/blinds and paint anything that needs painting. If there is anything a potential buyer dislikes within your home, they can consider redecorating. However, the exterior of a home is much harder to transform than the interior, therefore, homebuyers can be picky when it comes to how the front of a home appears.

Due to COVID-19, people in the UK are currently very interested in outdoor space. A garden is now high up the list when it comes to buying homes. If you have a good garden, we recommend that you show it off! Again, mow the lawn and freshen it up the back garden just as the front, if your outdoor space contains any standout features such as a patio or water feature do not miss them out.

Interior photos

Like removing your car and wheelie bins from the drive, you will also need to declutter and remove personal items from your bedrooms. When buyers look at your photographs, they try to imagine themselves living in your home – something a bit more difficult when there are your personal items everywhere.  Remove visible clothes, shoes, posters, medication and so on.  If one of your smaller bedrooms is quite dark and glum-looking, open the windows and turn on as many lights and/or lamps as you can!  In the kitchen, perform a DEEP clean, clear the surfaces and… of course, do not leave any washing in the sink!  Remove bins, mops, brooms, and anything else lying around. Your kitchen should be the plainest, clearest room. If you must, temporarily take some items out of the kitchen just for your photos.

In the living areas of your property, make sure that your photos scream, ‘space’.  Make your home look as big as possible, to do this, clear the floors (even the rugs) and let in as much natural light as possible. In your living room, if possible, remove any family photos, children’s toys, and pet items. If you do have pets, we suggest that you remove any indication of their existence altogether. Most people in the UK are animal lovers, but it is just not worth the risk. Imagine missing out on a sale from somebody that would have considered your home, however, they saw your cat’s bed and were put-off due to their huge cat allergy!

To conclude, we suggest that you declutter, remove all personal items, create plenty of space, and make your photos as bright as possible.

PS – Make sure you are clothed when taking the pictures mirrors are everywhere!!

We hope this helped and we wish you the best of luck selling your home on the Houso App – download for Android or Apple devices.