The housing market in the UK has changed drastically during 2020. In light of COVID-19, lockdown and general unrest across the UK, the priorities of many homebuyers have now changed. People are reassessing what they want from their lives, their homes, and the locations in which they want to live. National statistics suggest that present homebuyers are placing their priorities upon outdoor space, bigger kitchens, strong local communities, and energy-efficient homes.  So, what can you do to tick these boxes as a home-seller? Today, the team at Houso would like to offer you a few tips that will allow you to meet the requirements of a homebuyer in 2020.

It is no secret that there is currently a huge demand for countryside homes. If you are selling a home in the country, be sure to advertise your home’s local walking and cycling routes, as well as what your area has to offer for those looking for a peaceful, tranquil lifestyle. Provide information regarding your home’s local amenities, such as shops, pubs/restaurants, and doctors.  Mention local transport links and the frequency of those links, as well as community groups and any other local sources of entertainment. If you are selling to a family, promote the local schools, nurseries, and playgroups; if they have good OFSTED reports, then let it be known! Additionally, it is important to share information regarding any local clubs, sports facilities, parks and play areas.

A rough 2020 has unquestionably made many increasingly ‘homely’. Therefore, as previously mentioned, people (especially those in the city), are currently yearning for not just larger homes to spend their time, but also spacious private outdoor space.  So, when talking to a potential buyer, you must put a large amount of focus on your garden(s).  Discuss outdoor preferences with potential buyers, show-off what your garden has to offer as well as how your garden can be easily adapted to meet any additional demands. In addition to outdoor space, another selling point that has developed in recent months are homes which contain a home office. If you have a home office, then brilliant, but, if not, promote potential rooms or spaces that could be converted into one. Spare rooms, cellars, lofts, garage or even the garden cab offer space to create an office space – remind potential buyers of this.

Finally, make sure to discuss the costs and energy-efficiency of your home. Tell buyers how you have made your home efficient and discuss what could be improved to make it even more efficient. A highly efficient home will reduce energy bills and will enforce added interest as many people become increasingly conscious about conservation.

In a nutshell, try to show off what your home currently offers and what it can offer with minor alterations. Try having a look at other homes that are for sale on our free Houso app. Take some ideas by looking at what other home-sellers are doing to successfully sell their homes.

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