The property market is quickly becoming digital. We sell homes online, and we buy homes online. It takes less time to get the details you need from an online listing before arranging an actual viewing. We are delighted to see that the majority of properties listed on Houso on the market and off the market have a comprehensive description and clear photos. Yet, some of the houses for sale lack these important details – which is why it’s very important to ensure you fill out your listing. This can lead to these houses not being noticed by potential buyers. Take a look at some tips to find out what can be done to make the property you are selling stand out.


Online property market is all about visuals and first impressions count. When a potential buyer is looking at a house online, it takes them about 3 seconds in average to decide whether they like it or not. That is why it is very important to have good photos of your house. As a house seller, you will get more views and a possibility of a quick sale.


On Houso you are in control of your listing. All you need is to take good photos of your home is a camera!


Start from outside

First impressions are very important:

  • Remove clutter from outside the property. 
  • Move your vehicles to get a clear view.
  • Clean the windows.
  • We recommend to take a picture on a bright day, houses look better in natural light.


  • Hide any shoes which are lying free on the floor.
  • Remove pieces of clothes which can be hanging from the banister.
  • Remove rugs, especially where you have wooden or tiled floors.

Living Room

The living room is the heart of your home. You need to show its full potential on the photos you publish on online property market place:

  • Take some time to tidy up, our experience shows that clutter free rooms looks bigger and attract more attention from potential house buyers.
  • Puff up sofa cushions and arrange throws in a way they look smart.
  • Set dining room tables. Fresh flowers always looks good!
  • Moving furniture around may help to make a room look more spacious.


Your kitchen is one of the rooms of your home that you really want to show off.

So, the most important tip we can give you when preparing this room for photos that will sell your house is to declutter:

  • Remove any items from work tops and wipe them clean. Arrange tea towels so they look tidy.
  • Make sure there are no dirty dishes in the sink.
  • Close the cupboards doors and remove magnets from the fridge.
  • Move bins out of sight.
  • Fresh flowers or a house plant can add some life to the picture.


Bedrooms are a place to relax, so make sure you show it in your photos. You could even consider buying a new bedding set to really present your master bedroom in an amazing way, with extra matching cushions and pillows:

  • Make sure the room is well lit. Open the curtains and blinds if necessary.
  • Make the bed. Messy beds are one of the main reasons to put off potential buyers.
  • Close the drawers and wardrobe doors, and remove any personal items from the bedside tables. Turning bedside lamps could be a good idea as it gives the room cozy vibes.


Taking photos of a bathroom should be relatively easy. It is usually the smallest room in the house and like the kitchen can be a huge selling point for any home. Getting lighting right is important so make sure all your bulbs are working. Open the blinds if you have any:

  • Remove any items of personal hygiene and arrange the towels.
  • Close the toilet lit.


If you have a garden, make it another selling point. Mow the lawn and hide any empty or broken pots and garden tools. Give your buyer a taste of enjoying your garden in a warm sunny day!


Remember that your goal is to capture your home’s best sides. This goal can be easily achieved if you follow these tips!