Is now a good time to sell your house? The average asking price for a property is at an all time high – there are many people looking to buy a home which means this is a great time to sell your house, and quickly if you wish to do so. But why is this such a great time to be a seller on the property market?


One of the reasons is of course that house prices are at a record high – the average asking price in the UK has risen by around £5-6K with the national average now being £354,564 according to The market is very competitive and one house is likely to receive multiple offers which means as a seller you are in a great position to get your asking price. This brings us to our next point: there are more buyers on the market than there are homes.


When the property market is this busy and there are many buyers looking for homes, sellers are in a great position to receive multiple offers eventually leading you to the offer of the original asking price, perhaps even higher if multiple buyers really love your home. This also means you can pick the best buyer for you – those without a chain or with a home already sold, and those who have their paperwork and mortgage in principle already resolved. Talking of moving quickly…


Your home is likely to sell within the first couple of weeks. The moment you list your home on the market be ready to move because buyers are queuing up to view homes and make offers fast – and if your buyer is ready to move, you should be in a good position to do so too! Have your own paperwork in order (use HomeVault on Houso to help you keep your paperwork in one place), have a home lined up (ever thought about searching off market?), and you’re in a good place to move when you need to.


At Houso, our aim is to make selling and buying houses as seamless as possible. To help you sell your home yourself and list your property on or off market in less than 3 minutes, download Houso today: for Android or Apple devices.