Houso app offers a different approach to selling your home. Think dating app but for selling and buying houses.

Oh, and did we mention? It’s totally FREEEEEEE!

The fact Houso is a free app which can sell you home is just a byproduct of why we created Houso – I have undertaken viewings with hundreds of buyers, the majority of them have all said one thing: I wish we had known about this home sooner.

Enter Houso OFF Market.

How many of you started your journey like this?

You start thinking you need to move.
You find a home on a portal, arrange and view it, fall in love with it so you try to buy it. The trouble is – you haven’t even listed your home yet because you didn’t have anywhere to move to!
So you rush around trying to get agents in, tidy the house, get pictures, EPC and floor-plans done and get your home listed in panic. Every day you pray you get a viewing, or an offer so you can move forward with the home you fell in love with.

Imagine the tragedy when you discover the home you loved so much has gone under offer to someone in a better position…
Now your committed, you’ve signed a contract and you have already mentally moved on, but you still haven’t found somewhere you love as much as last one.

We found often people buy a home that is OK, not perfect, simply because they wanted the whole process to end! Don’t even get us started on chains, false statements of financial positions etc. – we have heard them all and have got features in place to assist with this.

Houso allows you to create a listing for your home in less than 3 minutes. List it as OFF market (our secret sauce) and subscribed buyers will be able to see your property far sooner than when it would normally go on the market. They can message you, they can book viewings, they must give you feedback, and can make offers on it – and you will see info about them as buyers and what they have been up to.
The whole point is you can gauge your properties desirability and have buyers lined up waiting so when you find your dream home on Houso you are in a far more proceedable position – no more rushing around, a smooth move awaits.

Of course, some of you just want to crack on and sell now – Houso is free to sell your home online whether it’s on or off market!