Self List with Houso.

I am a residential developer, we are currently building 16 houses, and today I did a Covid secure viewing with a potential purchaser on a lovely 2 bedroom chalet bungalow nearing completion.

This particular couple are looking to downsize, and like all of our customers, they understandably want to, or need to sell their home before they can commit to the purchase of a new home.

They have been looking for approximately 24 months, during the process having found somewhere, but the chain collapsed because the property they were buying was removed from the market, because the seller couldn’t find anywhere suitable so withdrew from the market.

This scenario is not exclusive to downsizers, we are all broadly speaking in the same position, whereby a sale is necessary to facilitate the next move.

Whether our property is right for this particular couple remains to be seen, but the only way to make this chain as stress free as possible, is for us to take a risk on them, their home and it’s desirability.  We at the top of the chain are able to affect that change, but there is huge financial risk in doing it from our side, by reserving them the home, we put ourselves in the position where we might miss a better buyer, but they or others will require that sort of gesture in able to get their move sorted.

With Houso all of these uncertainties can be removed, the general principle is very simple.


  1. Download Houso
  2. Create off market profile for their home, months or years in advance of when they need to move.
  3. Wait for buyers to register interest, leave feedback and collate a waiting list of people who would like to purchase your property.
  4. All the while, you can search for your next home, in the same manner on Houso, finding properties that are not available on any mainstream portals,
  5. Gather a continual list of interested parties, therefore reducing the formal marketing period completely, you should be offer ready by the time you have found the next home.

Self listing on Houso is free it takes less than three minutes and gives you the opportunity to test the water, and potentially save thousands of pounds on commission or agency fee.

Quite simply – if you own a home, and you are in the market to move within the next 5 years, what do you have to loose by trying Houso?


What do you have to gain? Selling your home, paying zero commission, and finding your next home before it is for sale anywhere else.  Sounds like it would be worth a try!