Houso was created because we believe the process of buying and selling houses is not functioning as well as it should.

The reduction in Stamp Duty is clearly demonstrating that the appetite for home movers is significant.  Yes we can apportion a percentage of these movers to the Pandemic, however it also demonstrates that the costs were prohibitive.

The issue is supply of stock, second steppers and downsizers are the ones who are currently able to take advantage of the SDLT cut, those of us who own a home and are looking to change it for whatever reason. However the supply of desirable homes to this broad swathe of the market has been stunted by the Help to Buy Scheme. Help To Buy is only applicable on new build properties, and as such the majority of first time buyers now purchase from house builders. This means that those of us who purchased, a traditional first time buyers home pre 2013 now have a smaller supply of buyers wanting our first property.

We have built and sold a fair few houses now, and I have 2 examples of people who sold, and rented to put themselves into the best possible position to be able to purchase their next home. They were both downsizing, and both rented or had other places they could shack up during the build. But for the majority of us that I just not a possibility, or it is but it is a costly one.

Houso was developed to enable those of us with a home to create an off market listing that is only visible to paid subscribed users, this means that you are able to gather a waiting list of people who have expressed an interest in your home. Think of it like a market test for your house, did it attract attention, was it priced properly, what was the feedback.

Off market selling is normally the route for high end, high cost properties through estate agents or home search providers. They use it because the property is never fully committed to the market, and the buyers buy it because very few people have seen it.

Houso is totally free to use, there are some amazing features inside, your feedback comes straight to your pocket, a lot of agents have not bought back sufficient staff for the work levels they have experienced and as such calls are being missed and each time that happens, a viewing request or offer on your home is being potentially being missed.  With Houso you will never miss an interaction again.

With over 55,000 users and 7,500 properties listed we are steadily growing, with huge amounts of interaction occurring between parties.

If you are interested in selling now or in the future, list off market with Houso and never miss an opportunity again – download on Android or Apple devices.