The property market is busier than ever – a shortage of homes available means there are several buyers looking at properties and making offers. You see a listing that looks perfect – send a message to the seller, book a viewing, and boom: just before the viewing you get told an offer on the home has already been accepted. How frustrating.


So what should you do to avoid going around in circles looking for the perfect home?


Our advice is to put your home on the market and get a sale agreed before you make an offer – this will make you a very attractive buyer. Here are our top reasons why we think you should sell your current home before searching for a new one.


Don’t Miss Your Perfect Home

As we mentioned, the property market is busy and one home has multiple families interested in it – so you need to stand out when you make your offer, as it’s likely someone else will be making an offer too. In some instances (especially in areas which are very popular) the sellers instruct their agents to not take viewings from buyers who aren’t in a position to buy.


Your Offer Will Stand Out To Sellers

During such a busy time on the property market, you need to show the sellers you are committed to move and you won’t waste their time. Most sellers are looking to move quickly, so you need to be in a position to proceed immediately. In an ideal world, you should have your property under offer, however at the least your property should be on the market.


Save Money

If you’re in a good position to move, you won’t have to present a higher offer in order to be the winning bid. You also won’t need to pump up the costs of advertising of your own property – and if you’re panicking to sell, you might even be tempted with a lower offer. Yikes – in this case, it’s definitely better to have everything running in order to save you money in the long run.


Know What You Can Afford Next

Having an offer on your home before you buy the next one means you know how much money you can spend be this on a bigger home, or on renovations. An extra £30,000 means you are opening the property market further and you have more options to choose from.


List Your Home Off Market


Every single one of our team at Houso knows the property journey and how frustrating it can be to find the perfect new home, but be in a position where you miss out because your own home isn’t sold yet. This is exactly why Houso Founder Ben developed the app with Off Market focus – you are able to list your property off market before you’re even ready to move, and this home is available to view only to subscribed users who can ask you questions such as when you’re thinking of moving, and how much the property will be going for. All this enables you to have an idea of how your own sale will go – and even line up the sale without ever listing your property ‘on market’. Having this security allows you to look for new homes knowing your home will sell when you’re ready.


Try it today – download our FREE Houso App today to sell your home: for Android or Apple devices.