As sad as this is, some people don’t share the same passion about pets as you do. We know, heartbreaking and totally unfair – where would we be without a tail that wags of happiness? Our team at Houso are all animal lovers – but your buyer may not be.

So how can you ensure that your home is attractive to everyone when you have a pet? Here are our top tips on how to avoid any negative first impressions, and help make your pet make your home even more attractive!

Repair The Damage

Remember when Harvey was a little puppy and chewed up the drywall when he was bored? Or when Cooper dug up the floor in the corner of the living room to try and bury a bone? Or when Daisy had an accident on the stairs carpet, which is still kind of visible? You need to repair that.

Fixing the damage caused by our fluffy friends is the first step to making your home friendly to everyone. Have the carpets professionally cleaned, vacuum the property to avoid any pet hair getting on someone who is allergic to it, light a candle to get rid of any pet smells you may have become used to. These are all easy fixes for you, and can influence the decision of the buyer.

Clean The Garden

Trust us, we’re no stranger to having to wake up at 3am when little puppy needs to go in the garden – and in your sleepwalking state it’s easy to forget to pick up any ‘gifts’ left behind. But this is SO important – clean up any mess in your garden to avoid a potential buyer slathering their shoe soles in the said gift. Also try and cover any holes in the ground, any pick up toys (or whats left of them!).

Time For A Day In Doggycare!

If at all possible, try to get your pup/kitten/bunny/snake/tarantula into care for the day – sometimes this works for the pet also as having strangers visit the house can be distressing. Not to mention the viewers could be scared of pets – but if they’re not…

Use Your Pet!

Pets can make the home feel cosy both in photos and in real life! If taking photos with your prized golden retriever, why not place him by the fireplace or a feature wall? Or have the cat cosily snoozing on the bed pillow, or window ledge?

It might also be worth checking with your potential buyers and if they’re pet lovers, then you know it’s only a positive to have your friend be at home during their viewing.