Who Knows – Literally!  There are commentators on both sides of the fence and some firmly wedged on top of it, having a nice little sit and hedging or fencing their bets.

The market is reported to be ferociously busy, with alleged rising prices even though this all flies in the face of what is a logical approach to what we have all just been through.  No recession has bounced back so quickly, with such veracious appetite, but we have not been through this before.

There is continual speculation about the Autumn, the end of Furlough, the winter months bringing in weather that might be more suited to harbouring Covid-19.

The summer holidays are a quiet period usually for agents and house sales, but many we have spoken to are reporting their busiest periods for the better part of a decade. Houso has reported a very strong period of growth in this time adding thousands of homes and buyers across the country.  I do feel that there has been a slightly quieter period over the past 2-3 weeks, and I think that many people have actually tried to get away, whether it be UK or Foreign holiday before the kids hopefully return in September.

What are my predictions – I said from the first moment this erupted I can’t make an informed decision on this as it is something we have never seen before, and therefore I was never wanting to be drawn because it was all just white noise.  All I can say is there seems to be an appetite for people to move, there has been a systemic shift in peoples appraisals of their lives, some have had positive outcomes, and some sadly negative.  But whatever you choose to do, make the choice for what can benefit your life and your families well being – rather than being fixated on the rise or fall of the price.   Do your homework, understand your financial exposure thoroughly, ascertain your expenses and your savings and comfort blanket, and make the choice that can best affect your wellbeing.

There are two scenarios.

If this virus comes back or there is no vaccine or cure then life will be different or the new normal for a while, as such the home you are looking to purchase would you assume maintain the base level of price you paid for it, as it is desirable hence why you wanted it in the first place.



There is a vaccine or some form of antidote or cure – then the market I would imagine would be even more positive,


Will we go back to spending 2 hours a day getting dressed in the morning, driving to the station or office and commuting?  I just don’t think we need to.  Yes some industries need the face to face, yes there will be people who need the interaction but perhaps Covid will enable us to look at a work/life/health balance.  It could be argued that less commuting, resulting in less pollution, having a higher quality of work/life balance, enabling a healthier lifestyle with more time in the day to take significant exercise could be a major shift in the wellbeing of the British Public.

It’s just going to be different, it’s already different, but as I have tried to maintain over the past few blogs make the choices that are right for you, with an educated approach.


If you have any questions please do ask them on Insta and we will come back to you.


Good luck and stay safe.