We don’t blow our own horn too often, but when we do – it’s for a good reason. As Houso property app continues to grow, we wanted to share with you why we’re so proud of the app we have created and why we’re excited for more of you to join us on making selling and buying homes easy and accessible for everyone.


  1. Houso is free to use. It’s free to download, to browse homes, and to upload your property for thousands of people to see. We have options to upgrade your profile and subscription (for example as a buyer you can upgrade and have access to all the off market homes listed; as a seller you can unlock more images and videos to add to your listing). But at it’s core, Houso is a free property search app.
  2. We want to break the frustrations of a chain by offering our users the ability to list their homes off market to gauge the level of interest on their property before they need to sell, line up viewers for when they are ready, and have a buyer without having to aggressively market their property. If everyone used the off market model, there would be less buyers dropping out because they can’t sell their own home on time – off market is changing the way we sell and buy homes.
  3. You have full control of how you sell your home – you can sell through an estate agent (many of our properties are listed by trusted independent estate agents), or self-list your homes and managed the sale yourself (we equally have large amounts of self-listed homes!)
  4. You can arrange and agree viewings in your own time – propose times to sellers, and accept times from buyers directly through the app.
  5. As a property app, Houso is incredible handy – manage everything from your phone wherever you are! Waiting to pick someone up? Upload a property to sell – it takes 3 minutes! Want to book viewing for multiple properties? Do it whilst you sip a cup of coffee on your train commute! Want to upload more videos or information to your listing? You can do so as you soak in the bath.
  6. You can upload all your documents and paperwork directly to a secure portal on the app – so you’re ready to move as soon as you need to.
  7. We offer you free marketing. Yes, that’s right – FREE marketing for your property! Every week our team pick homes of the week to feature across our social media channels and our email newsletter. All you need to do is ensure your listing has images and a full description, and let us do the work for you.  Some of the properties even get a sponsored boost on social media. We’re too good to you, we know.
  8. We care. Sounds cliché but Houso property search app was developed by Ben Johnston, a property developer based in Wiltshire, who saw the frustrations of selling and buying homes, and how heartbreaking (and costly!) it can be when things just don’t go your way. So with that in mind, Ben developed Houso to break the chain and allow more flexibility for both sellers and buyers. The team at Houso share his vision and his passion so from all of us – we truly do care, and want to make the property search journey as easy and stress free for you as possible.


Try it today – download our FREE Houso Property Search App today to sell your home: for Android or Apple devices.