There is nothing more irritating and disheartening than when a buyer drops out. You think you’ve got a sale and get let-down last minute. This occurrence, unfortunately, is not rare and many of you might have even had more than one buyer dropout. So, what can you do to stop this annoyance from happening again?

Lots of ‘do nots’
Do not panic!!! Do not make a dropout make you feel insecure about you and your property. Do not feel that your property will never sell. Do not remove it from the market and do not easily drop your price!

Get the best possible local estate agent
A good agent will react and rectify any issues. If your agent is knowledgeable and knows the local area, they should be able to offer you good advice going forward. Agents want you to sell your home – it’s a team effort. Do not be afraid to contact them regularly to ask questions – many estate agents use Houso to help widen the reach of the property advertised and have conversations with potential buyers.

Identify the big issue
There are hundreds of reasons a sale may fall through.  We would like to remind you that it might not always be your fault that a buyer has dropped out. The sale may have fallen through for reasons out of your control.
However, we do suggest that you find out the reasoning behind the buyer’s dropout. When you or your agent contact them, keep it in mind that they may be quite shy and embarrassed. So, even if you are super-annoyed, be nice, calm, and friendly and you may get the true story.
If you cannot contact them still and haven’t got an idea as to why they changed their minds, we suggest that you have a look at your property’s survey. Does your property have any issues such as damp or other forms of damage? Perhaps this was the reason for the dropout.  If anything stands out on the survey and you do not want to suffer the perils of another dropout, we suggest that you deal with these issues.

Houso’s off-market listings
If you are selling your home via Houso, you are given the ability to sell your property on ‘Houso Off Market’.  Selling your home before it even hits the market will diminish the possibilities of buyer dropouts. It gives both you and potential buyers time to communicate directly before you even put your property on the market. By doing this you can whittle out many non-committed unserious bidders! Check out Houso – you can list your home for free in less than 3 minutes – what have you got to lose?

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