It can be very frustrating waiting for your home to sell – especially if you’re not getting any offers, of if this is your first time selling your home. You shouldn’t be alarmed – no sale is ever the same, nor is there a specific time period in which you ‘should’ sell your home. However there are ways you can increase interest, and tempt buyers to make you an offer.

Make Sure The Price Is Right

It’s very important to have a professional valuation done on your property to ensure the price is correct – you could have the most perfect house in a wonderful neighbourhood, but if it’s overpriced then buyers won’t be queuing to make you an offer and will find a similar property nearby. Contact your estate agent for an accurate valuation.


Choose A Good Estate Agent

If this is your first time selling, you might want to work with a good local estate agent who will manage the process for you. Or you can self-list and manage the property sale yourself – at Houso we work both with sellers and trusted estate agents who list homes on the app.


Be Flexible

Buyers want to move quickly so be flexible in organising viewings, arranging video walk throughs, and communicate efficiently to answer any questions they may have. Houso allows sellers to communicate directly with buyers through our in app messaging – that way you won’t miss anything, and can move the process along without delays.


List Off Market

By listing your property off market, you can gain a list of potential buyers lined up to view the home. Houso allows sellers to list off market to upgraded users who are interested in viewing these ‘secret’ homes – off market makes the process of selling much easier as you can negotiate and even sell your home before it hits the traditional market. To find out more about off market homes read: On the market, off the market – what does this mean?


Be Ready To Move

Ensure all your paperwork is up to date and you are in a position to move – buyers will want to get into the house as soon as they can, and if you’re too slow they’re likely to pull out of the sale leaving you back at square one. Use our in app HomeVault where you can upload all your paperwork and find anything that’s missing so you can keep on top of your sale.


To help you sell your home with or without an estate agent, download Houso today: for Android or Apple devices.