If you have lived in a home for years, selling can be stressful.  If you are selling a home for the first time, selling an be stressful.  If you sell homes regularly, then guess what… selling can be stressful.

If you have decided to sell your home, to reduce your stress levels and get the ball rolling you’ll want to sell as soon as you can.  Do not take it to heart if your home is taking a long time to sell.  Some of the best homes can take a while to shift but remember that it is important that you are doing all the correct things to attract those buyers!  The team at Houso would like to offer you some tips if your home isn’t selling.

Get a professional valuation
For every purchase made in life, price is key. A coffee shop may be warm, comfy, located in a great area and sell amazing punchy coffee. Yet, if the coffees are £9 they won’t sell a bean. If your home is beautiful, near great schools, has got transport links and so forth, but is priced unrealistically, buyers will purchase the house across the road instead.  Get a fresh valuation from a reputable, local, professional estate agent.

Consider an auction
If you are losing patience and/or eager for an immediate sale, then you could consider auctioning your home. Property auctions can often exceed expectations, with high bids very possible. They are straightforward, and contracts are regularly exchanged between buyers and sellers within the auction rooms. Auctions are attended by serious buyers, people with money who are looking to buy and expand their portfolios. If you have a good home and its price is realistic, you should sell.

Time your sale
Home sales are more likely at different times of the year. Spring and early summer (Feb-June) are the busiest times in the market. Buyers have intentions to be settled into their new home in time for the summer and the start of the new school year.  Make sure that you are fully contactable; answer phone calls and respond to emails immediately. Have all your finances in place, so if a buyer is ready, then so are you. Get the deal done!

Offer online viewings
Online viewings are now very popular (mostly because of Covid-19).  However, they have numerous perks. A good, professional-looking online video of your property can attract potential buyers from all around the world! Hundreds of thousands of property sales are now being made by people who haven’t even physically seen a home. Open more doors with online viewings.

Choose the best estate agent
A dedicated agent will assist your sale by going above and beyond to seal your deal.  An experienced, established agent will understand your home’s location, know the right prices, recognise who to sell to and the best time to sell. Make your agent your priority. Be nice to them, always make yourself available and you will be kept on the top of their priority list.

List your home off-market on Houso
We have created Houso because we understand the stress which can come with selling a property. Our off-market listings are created by home owners who know they will eventually sell their home, but aren’t ready to do so yet. So they list their homes off-market on Houso, and start receiving interest on their home, and can even build a waiting list of potential buyers. You can host video tours, message potential buyers, and even talk finances and offers. Listing your home off-market with Houso means you, and your buyers can get everything in order months ahead of the sale meaning everything is lined up perfectly to move!

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