We know that looking for your perfect home can take a long time. It can be tiring. It can be disheartening even – when things don’t go as planned. Every one of our team has been through it – hours spent searching for the ideal home, viewings, negotiations, excitement – and you could potentially be outbid or the chain breaks along the way. This is when buying a house off-market can really play in everyones best interests.


So why buy a house off-market? Buying off-market removes the competition which comes with a listing which is heavily advertised. Buying off-market will allow you to find the perfect home in an exclusive setting – this means most other buyers aren’t able to see this yet.


There are several other benefits which come with buying a house off-market – you are more likely to find a house within your budget. Because there’s no competition, you aren’t in a bidding war and can negotiate calmly with the owner of the house or the agent, unlike a potentially pan bidding war if there are several buyers for one property which is listed on the market.


The sellers are also more likely to accept your offer as off-market homes don’t tend to come with many advertising costs, so it’s in their best interest to sell the home before it goes on the market.


How do you find a property off-market? Well, this is one of the reasons Houso exists! We believe off-market homes are the future so our app has the ability for you to view off-market homes before they are listed. Houso is a free app, however off-market exclusive homes are only available to upgraded subscribers who are serious about moving. You can also search for off-market homes online, or rely on word of mouth – put the word out that you are looking for a specific home, and see if anyone in your circle is aware of a property which matches your needs that is yet to come on the market.


Unlike the chaos and pressure of an open market, off-market homes tend to have a smoother, low key, and less stressful transaction. Our suggestion is when looking at off-market homes, be as prepared as you would be if buying on an open market: get your paperwork in order, get a mortgage in principle, line up a solicitor – then let the fun begin!


You can start browsing off-market homes on Houso today – download for Android or Apple!