As Houso grows in numbers (both sellers and buyers!) we are seeing a big increase in activity for all kinds of properties for sale – from smaller city apartments to countryside cottages, and even converted railway stations. Yes – we are proud to list some of the most wonderful homes on our property search app!


If you’re looking to sell you home, it’s important to help your listing stand out in a pool of so many homes to choose from online. There are things you can do to help your home make the best impression and get that potential buyer to arrange a viewing with you – here are our top tips on how to make your home stand out in property searches.


First Impressions Count

When your property is set live on Houso, it immediately becomes visible to thousands of potential buyers. Our marketing team also sends new properties out in our Houso Of The Week emails, and boosts them on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. We know for a fact that properties with at least 4 images and a full description are the ones which get most views – and interest. We also need that information to help market your home – so if your listing is incomplete, you miss out on all the FREE promotion we’re giving your home! Some things to add to your listing are:

  1. Images
  2. Full description
  3. Floor plans
  4. Video tour if possible


Is The Price Right?

Some studies show that price hugely affects your chance of selling your home so getting this figure right is important. Remember your buyers will do searches of their own to see how other properties in the area are priced – so even if your home is the most beautiful one on the street, you need to price it correctly and ensure it’s not overpriced as this means you could be missing out on a buyer who won’t even give your home a chance. Work with a trusted agent to help you evaluate your property and give you an accurate price – local estate agents know the market, know the are, and know the buyers.


Take Good Photos

As people, we’re all about visual impact. Many of us browse home search websites and apps just to have a look at homes in our area even if we’re not in the market to buy or sell! We like looking at photos – don’t even deny that.


If your photos are blurry, badly cropped, or too dark people simply won’t bother clicking on your listing. We know – harsh, but true. We have written a whole blog post to help you with tips on how to prepare your home for photography  – give it a read and implement the tips. Minimal effort for maximum listing clicks!


Write A Brilliant Description

We can confidently tell you that homes with a full and detailed description get the most interest – simply writing down “Great family home with 4 bedrooms and a big garden” just doesn’t cut it anymore. When estate agents upload listings to Houso app, they have several paragraphs detailing the home and the area. Now we know – they are pros, they know how to write a description. We’re not asking you to write a novel – but we’re urging you to key in as much information as you can about the home and all the special features within it.

What makes your home stand out? What is the area like? Is that an AGA in your kitchen? Is your attic converted into a playroom perfect for the kids? All of these descriptions paint a wonderful picture and help the buyer see themselves living in this home.

Some of the most wanted elements in a property since 2020 have been:

  1. Garden or outdoor space
  2. Home office
  3. Nearby countryside location

If you have any of those, make it the big deal that it currently is.


Focussing on these elements will help your listing stand out on property search websites – and it requires minimum effort from you. Take an hour, pour yourself a cup of coffee or make a cup of tea, and create a listing that will help you sell your home quickly.