Have you decided to sell your home, but not sure what route to take? We want to talk to you about selling your home online – that’s what Houso was built for! We help people like you sell your home online – you can list your property in less than 3 minutes, choose to either list on market or off market, all for free.

In this blog post we share our tips on how to sell your home online using Houso – the revolutionary property app!


Take photos of your property

The first thing to do is take photos and videos of your property – we have a guide on how to do this! Photos and videos are very important when it comes to selling your home – people are visual and need to have an idea of what your home looks like before they choose to make a viewing. Properties with photos and videos have 20% more views on Houso than those without – the more photos you can add, the better. And if you can do a quick video tour – even better!


Create a full listing

It takes less than 3 minutes to create a full listing on Houso – we have tested this several times! All you need to do is:

  • Create a profile
  • Add all information like the location, the number of bedrooms, the number of bathrooms, the type of property, etc
  • Add photos and videos
  • Write a full description
  • Add the price
  • Choose to list on or off market

It’s important to write a description for your home – talk about the benefits of the area, what makes your home special, add any planning permissions or opportunities for extension. The more information you give to your buyers, the more likely they will choose to view your home.


Add all your documents

Use our HomeVault function to upload all of your documents as you get them – this can include:

  • Property information questionnaire
  • Boundary enquiries
  • Fixture and fittings content forms
  • Building control
  • NHBC
  • Fensa
  • White goods appliance warranties
  • Planning permissions
  • Utility provider details
  • Anything else you can think of!


Promote your listing on social media 

Use the link to your property to promote your home on social media – utilise Facebook groups in your local area where people are likely to be looking for homes in the area.


Wait to appear on Houso Of The Week!

Every week we choose homes to appear on our Houso Of The Week email newsletter, as well as on all of our social media channels – we even boost your listing in ads, all at no cost to you. Free marketing – who wouldn’t want that?! All we need to use your home on our marketing channels is:

  • A property description
  • At least 4 images


Selling your home online can be a great experience – you can work with an estate agent or handle the listing yourself, it’s completely up to you! Not only do you have full control of communications and negotiations, viewings, and listings, but you can also save yourself £££ in the process.


Download for Android or Apple devices and give it a go!