The housing market is very busy right now and with many active buyers looking for their new home, it’s a great time to sell your property. You may be unsure of how to price your home to make a successful sale, or you may need to sell your home quick so you can proceed with a new purchase – here are some of our top tips to get you moving in 2021!

Getting the price of your house right will help attract more buyers and eventually make a sale – it actually helps to make a successful sale if you can get an offer on the skin price, without having to make a reduction. At this point we’d like to mention that we know house price reductions can have an affect on sales, which is one of the reasons we developed our off-market feature to help sellers ‘test the waters’ when it comes to selling your home. Using off-market will allow you to change the price without it being publicised all over the internet – so if you find that the feedback is you’re pricing your home too high, you have the confidence to amend your asking price and try again.

When you upload your home on Houso main feed (on-market) we help sellers promote their homes – all we ask for is the listing is complete with description and images. So it’s important to do you research and get the price right as this will be going out to thousands of people across our social media channels, newsletters, and app notifications. Yes, all of this is FREE to you when you use Houso. But this does also mean that all these potential sellers will see the price you have put on your home. So how can you ensure you’ve done all you can to price your home right?

1. Do Your Research

Look at sold prices in your area, browse current listings online, and find homes similar to yours to compare. Look our for how long these properties have been on the market – this could be an indication of perhaps the price not matching the home. Compare the prices of similar homes to yours in the area, how long they’ve been on the market, and work out a price you would be happy with but feel would sell quick.

2. Work With An Estate Agent

Local estate agents know the area, they are aware of the property market prices and can guide you to the right price. They worked with properties like yours before and have the knowledge and experience to price the property for a quick sale. You could as two or even three estate agents to price your property for you – you aren’t obliged to sell at the price they choose, but if all three come at a similar price this should be a good indication that they’re right.

Don’ be afraid to ask questions about how the home was valued – why is this the price they came to? Do they think the property will need to be reduced? How many offers have homes similar to yours received?

3. Don’t Panic If Your Home Doesn’t Sell

It’s easy to think that if your property hasn’t sold in the first two weeks, or hasn’t received much attention, that you’ve got the price wrong. No one has a crystal ball to look through and promise your home will sell priced £X or £Y – there are factors that come in to slower sales. Right now, the amount of attention your home gets could be slowed by the pandemic. Perhaps people do not want to leave their homes – in which case you can market online viewings; or people are looking for a certain type of property, like a home with a big garden – then you will have to wait patiently for the right family to buy your maisonette with a shared garden.

It may also be that you simply haven’t marketed your property correctly – we encourage all our users to make sure there is a good description and plenty of good photos to go along with your listing. People are visual and if you take great pictures of your property it’s more likely to get the attention it deserves.

Remember if you’re a little unsure about selling your home, or the price to sell your home at, you can upload your property to Houso off-market to test the property market and make necessary adjustments following feedback. However, we know many homes which have already sold during their off-market listing – good luck!